Coffee beans and ground coffee

The best coffee beans in our 4 Caffè Bonini blends: Milano, Firenze, Roma and Napoli, available in both 1 kg and 250 g bags. Our ground coffee blend, Crema, available in 350 g pack.

moka pot

Our 3-cups moka pot with the colours of our logo

leaf teas

Our teas and herbal teas are intended for your wellness, we offer a wide range of different teas to meet every different taste and need. They are all rigorously produced in Italy by Caffè Tiziano Bonini and packaged in an original aluminium air-tight can that can be displayed either in your home or in a cafeteria.

You can try our Oriental Chai Tea, Precious Green Tea, Matcha Green Power or perhaps our Magic Tea or the Energy Breakfast, especially high in caffeine. If you want an herbal tea instead you can choose between 7 mixed plant infusion: Detox and Clean, Fairytale in the Woods, Opposite Attracts, Rose and Ginger, Sweet dreams, Sweet sensations or Scent of Winter.

tea pot and teabags

To prepare our teas you can use our 500 mL tea pot with internal removable metal filter or fill one of our empty teabags, available in boxes of 100 pcs.

Healthy Drinks

We live in the age of biological, natural and healthy products and this trend is constantly expanding to new sectors and markets. Caffè Bonini encourages the consumption of high-quality products that respect both the environment and the health of our customers. Our range of healthy drinks is composed of 4 soluble beverages composed of 100% natural products, rich in vitamins and shocking with their bright colours that also make them perfect if you want to post and share on Instagram your preferred healthy drink!

Available in 900 g cans - Golden Milk, Chai Tea, Matcha e Ginseng Tea and Unicorn Milk.

soluble hot chocolates

Our soluble chocolates will please everyone’s taste and preference thanks to our wide choice of different and particular flavours: classic, extra dark, oranges and cinnamon, chili pepper.


A range of flavoured syrups specifically created for the world of cafeterias… but it doesn’t end here! Our syrups quickly dissolve in water and are great sugar substitutes, not only for your coffee but also to sweeten and flavour your cappuccino, frappé, hot chocolates or to prepare delicious flavoured milk, either hot or iced.
Our new line of iced tea concentrates allows you to prepare a high-quality refreshing beverage in just a few seconds.
Our suggested recipe requires 50 mL of product for every 250 mL of water. All our syrups can be used for either hot or cold drinks and are completely GLUTEN-FREE.


• Programmable doses
• LED display
• Automatic capsule ejection, which allows you to store up to 30 exhausted capsules
• AISI304 stainless steel frame that weighs 29 Kg
• Possibility to connect directly to the water pipe
• Energy saving
• Water tank capacity: 3,2 L
• 20 Bar pressure
• Hot water output and cappuccino maker
• Available colours: black, orange and red


• Exclusive infusion system
• Hot water available through the coffee nozzle without a capsule
• Cup warmer, and milk steamer
• Two coffee makers with automatic capsules or pods ejection
• Empty water tank warning light
• Electronic thermostat
• Programmable coffee doses
• Energy saving
• Designed and made in Italy
• Pallet: 8 boxes

Espresso3 & Milk

• Made in Italy
• Ultra-compact (only 44 cm wide)
• Large water tank (6 litres)
• Can store 140 exhausted capsules
• Equipped with milk frother
• Adjustable temperature and dose options
• 19 bars of pressure
• Cup warmer