Caffè Bonini - The Brand

Caffè Bonini started as a small family-run Tuscan coffee roastery that made coffee an art.
Our products are among the favourite ones by Italian consumers and abroad, not just because of the value for money but especially for the highest quality standard.
Over the years we managed to create trust-based relationships with our customers that day after day continue to choose Caffè Bonini for their moments of pleasure.

Why choosing Bonini?

Our reliability relies on the loyalty of our customers and our presence in over 400 supermarkets.

The reliability of our Company and our services make us one of the best companies selling compatible capsules in the coffee market.

Without compromising quality Caffè Bonini offers competitive prices both for the product and his delivery.

Fluency and reliability in transport and delivery, both in Italy and worldwide.

Our priority is satisfying the customer and you can be sure you will receive all the assistance you may desire while working with our Company

New sealed barrier compostable capsules

The cycle is complete, from the soil to the soil! The novelty of the year are our new Nespresso® compatible capsules, completely barrier sealed and biodegradable. Very requested by our final clients they can be disposed of in the organic waste thanks to the special compostable polymer they are made with and usually decompose within 3 months.
Packaging dimensions are the same as our other Nespresso compatible capsules and thanks to the sealed barrier the aroma of our coffee remains unchanged.
We developed 3 blends: Espresso Bio is 100% organic arabica coffee medium roasted, Cremoso with his strong aroma and Prezioso, 100% selected arabica beans.

our web-store

Caffè Bonini owns the website called which is our primary online-selling channel in Italy and abroad.
with over 500.000 regular customers our Company delivers about 500 orders every day in Europe (over 10 million cups of coffee every month). The continuously growing requests of our customers made necessary the opening of our chain of stores to make our products even more available to the customers.


The quality of our coffee is to be attributed to our carefully selected coffee beans, both arabica and robusta. The first is sweet and fragrant, the second is stronger and essential to the typical foam of the true Italian espresso.
After the roasting process our coffee experts perform the most important and artistic step in the production of our coffee: the blending.

In addition to our classic coffee we offer 10 blends of flavoured coffee, 10 soluble beverages and 10 different teas.
from tea, to chocolate to cortado, whatever may be the beverage you are looking for, you will find it in our catalogue.


Thanks to our local distributors that appreciate our products they are now resold in over 400 supermarkets outside Italy. We are present in over 50 countries including Spain, Canada, Argentina, Morocco, Tunisia, Japan and Czech Republic.