The Format

Caffè Bonini has developed a format that aims to revolutionize the world of cafeterias, thanks to our Italian quality products customized in order to reach international success. When you think of an Italian cafeteria you imagine the espresso being the absolute reference point while for us it is just the very first stage of a voyage.The Italian espresso coffee is the base for making cappuccinos, caffè latte, iced cappuccinos and special coffees that have never been seen on the market before.

The Coffee is.. the protagonist

In our rooms coffee is the protagonist and we want to enhance it by showing all the possible extraction methods :

the Classic Espresso
the Moka
Cold Brew
the Nitro Coffee
the Filtered Coffee
The Drip Coffee

Thre Espresso

Since we are Italian, we have a deep culture and experience in making very strong and creamy Espresso coffee, but at the same time, we have also selected precious, less strong blends for those international coffee connoisseurs that prefer a longer Espresso to better experience the smooth aftertastes of the product.


We’ re currently offering the original moka in our cafes, a typically Italian coffee maker traditionally used in our homes for decades and proposing it in a modern formula and with modern equipment to allow customers experiencing the true Italian taste of a home-brewed coffee.
The coffee brewed with the moka perfectly matches with milk, creating a unique and unmistakeable product, indeed the original Italian caffelatte is made with moka pot.Obviously, you can also order a single moka coffee or try our peculiar and unexpected novelty, the moka cappuccino.We’ re equipping our coffee-bars with moka-bar stations, dedicated spaces for the preparation of moka-based products, a detail that immediately identifies our brand and the Italian style of our project.

Cold Brew

Another brewing method that we offer is the cold brew, a very long cold-water extraction. This kind of brewing process allows to make a cold coffee with an incredible sweet and delicious taste.Compared to other brewing methods, the cold brew doesn’t extract the bitter notes of the coffee and limits its acidity. Our cold brew coffee, thanks to our equipment, will be offered either iced by itself or mixed with milk or flavoured whipped cream.

Nitro Coffee

Nitro coffee is one of our strengths, it gets drawn-off from a special draft tower similarly to a beer. It basically consists of a cold brew coffee served with the addition of pressurized nitrogen. The resulting coffee is creamy, mildly sweet and never bitter or acidic.
Those characteristics are given by the cold brew extraction that prevents from the risk of burning and by the very small bubbles which are formed by the pressurized nitrogen and allow the creamy texture of the beverage.Nitro coffee is different from a carbonated beverage, nitrogen bubbles are much smaller and more delicate compared to those formed by carbon dioxide and gives a different experience compared to the fizziness of a beer or another fizzy drink.

Filtered Coffee

Filtered coffee is probably the most widely recognized type of brew worldwide, indeed we offer a wide range of coffee blends for the filtered coffee to meet every possible preference of the customer.

Drip Coffee

Last, but not least, is the drip coffee. Different varieties of roasted coffee are kept in nitrogen-filled silos used by the Barista to make the blend ad hoc according to the customer preferences.
A machine grinds the beans and places them under a purposely made part of our espresso machine that automatically dispenses water over the coffee and thus, making the final product.This freshly ground coffee retains all the organoleptic characteristics of the blend used to prepare it.

Special Coffee

These are flavoured coffee with creams, grains and topping produced by us. Each cafe has its own personality transmitted by the use of natural raw materials without chemical flavourings. It’s hard to describe it, you just have to try them! They are available in both Hot and Ice versions. The Hot special coffees are produced with selected arabesques, milk creams and flavoured whipped creams. The Ice special coffee have a special cold base cream we produce.


All our products are the result of recipes studied in every detail .We work only with the most important Italian companies to guarantee a high final quality .This applies to raw materials as far as machinery is concerned .Our whipped cream is made with the help of manual siphons and are made both white and flavored in various flavors .Our machines are able to dispense creams, soft yoghurt and ice creams to different consistencies depending on the product to be made ..

Flavoured Cappuccinos

Our idea to make an unforgettable cappuccino: we unite of our famous coffee with milk, flavoured cream in an artist creation produced by our coffee sommelier. It is a new way to drink cappuccino. The greediest can add flavoured whipped cream, grains and toppings to satisfy any temptation.

Ice Creams

Recommended, but not limited to, hot weather, the Ice Cappuccino is the modern version of the milkshakes. Tasty and delicious, they are suitable for all ages!

Ice Cappuccinos

Cold cream made with selected ingredients and blended with wisdom and art by our experts. It can be tasted on its own or as an addition to coffees or cappuccinos. They are available in the following flavours: vanilla, hazelnut, pistachio, yogurt, coffee, chocolate and peanut.

Non-alcoholic coffee based COCKTAILS

We’ve also developed a long series of non-alcoholic, coffee-based cocktails, and we are not done yet!
A few examples are the cold brew coffee-lemonade, made with a light blend diluted with water, ice and lemon juice that produce an exceptional taste, you really need to try it to understand.The Espresso-Tonic is another example; indeed, is very well appreciated for its taste combination as well as for the visual effect of the espresso shot floating on the tonic. Our bartenders can develop special recipes to adapt our concept to the different markets and costumes, while maintaining our identity.

Healthy Drinks

In the era of organic, natural and healthy at all costs the trend that has been imposed for a few years now, and that in summer finds its ideal season, is that of healthy drinks .Accompanying the models and influencers who in more than one occasion photograph their breakfasts and snacks, and complicit in the fact of being colorful drinks and why you love millennials because they lend themselves to Instagram, Pinterest and all the socials of the case; these drinks full of fruit vitamins are very photographed and not even to say, super shared ..

Teas and Infusion

Besides coffee we also included a line of leaf teas that can be tasted either hot or iced. Inside of the cafeteria we serve the hot teas in transparent glass teapots or, in case of take away, we can fill an empty teabag with the selected tea blend and serve it in a mug.
Regarding the iced version of our teas, we prepare them solely in the cold-brew fashion, with long hours of infusion in cold water to get the best possible product.We use two bases for those teas, one black and one green leaf tea, then we add spices or fruit to get natural flavourings and let them rest for hours of cold-brew extraction.Our specialized draft towers can dispense the cold tea either plain or with the addition of nitrogen, thus creating a NITRO-TEA which resembles a draft beer and with a taste intensified by the creamy texture given by nitrogen bubbles.

Hot Chocolates

Caffè Bonini launched this year the single-dose cup of chocolate in the cup . Intense, greedy and persistent so must be the cocoa that we select for our products.
The result is a line of chocolates with a dense and creamy cup yield to be enjoyed in the spoon . Discover our flavors ranging from hot pepper to the delicate white chocolate until you get to the notes of orange hazelnut and cinnamon.

Bakery products

We have carefully developed pre-mixed ingredients and flours, exclusively made in Italy, that allow the operator to easily and quickly prepare inside of the cafeteria’s workshop all the pastry products (Cookies, Muffins, Brownies, Bignè etc..) only by using a special oven.
All those products are simply prepared and baked by the employees without requiring specialized personnel, every day, freshly and with a very high profit margin.About the salty products, we have created a peculiar flour mix that allows to bake both pizza snacks and focaccia bread to be stuffed freshly. You can offer these typical Italian products with a high sales margin.The construction of the actual bar gives a lot of space to the refrigerated pastry showcase, right at the entrance of the cafeteria. The central part is dedicated to the cash register and the last one to the preparation of beverages and the serving of products.