Capsules compatible with the system Lavazza a Modo Mio machines

A mixture of single origin arabica soft and sweet. Fine coffees from Central and South America are combined to give a bouquet stand where the olfactory notes of almond. The cream is light brown in color. Are evident on the palate and a delicate flowery aromas sour note. It is a persistent aftertaste that recalls the flavor cocoa. A fluent expressed as the "SILK" that would stop not ever taste.


Peso Netto: 7.00 gr

Palletizing information
Pack from 10 Masters from 12 190 master's degree
22800 Capsule
Pack from 16 Masters from 16 96 master's degree
24576 Capsule
Pack from 50 532 packs
26600 Capsule
Pack from 100 266 packs
26600 Capsule