Coffee beans and ground

The best coffee beans in 3 Caffè Bonini blends: Milan, Florence, Rome and Naples in packs of 1 kg and 250 grams. Gran Crema ground coffee is also available in a 350 gram pack.

The moka

Our 3-cup coffee maker, with the typical colors of our logo.

Tea And Herbal Tea In Leaves

Our range of herbal teas and tea leaves is natural and designed for the well-being of the person .All the infusions are branded Caffè Tiziano Bonini which guarantees Italian quality and production, as well as an original packaging, refined and comfortable hermetic milk that perfectly adapt to your beliefs .You can taste the aromatic Oriental Chai Tea, Precious Green Tea, Matcha Green Power, Magic Tea, Energy Breakfast .For aromatic teas, on the other hand, you can choose between Detox & Clean, Scent of Winter, Opposite Attract, Sweet Dreams, while among the aromatic infusions you will find Fairytale in the Woods, Sweet Sensations and Rose & Ginger .  .

Teira and Filters for tea in leaves

Thanks to the 500 ml Teira and tea filters you can prepare our teas and our teas.
The unique design teira is equipped with an infuser and the tea filters are packaged in 100 pieces.

Healthy Drinks

In the era of organic, natural and healthy at all costs the trend that has been imposed for a few years now, and that in summer finds its ideal season, is that of healthy drinks .Accompanying the models and influencers who in more than one occasion photograph their breakfasts and snacks, and complicit the fact of being colorful drinks and why love the millennials because they lend themselves to Instagram, Pinterest and all the socials of the case; these drinks full of fruit vitamins are very photographed and not even to say, super shared .
The following flavors are available in 900-gram cans: Golden Milk, Chai Tea, Matcha and Ginseng Tea and Unicorn Milk .

Chocolates in the envelope

Our instant soluble chocolates satisfy all taste buds through the choice of different flavors: classic chocolate, extra dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, white chocolate, orange chocolate and cinnamon and chilli chocolate.


• Programmable doses
• LED display
• Automatic capsule ejection, which allows up to 30 capsules to be used up
• 304 steel structure and weight 29 Kg
• Possibility of connection to the water network
• Energy saving
• 3.2 liter tank capacity
• Pump pressure: 20 Bar
• Hot water outlet and cappuccinatore
• Available colors: black, orange and red


• Exclusive infusion system
• Hot water outlet from coffee dispenser without the use of rinsing caps
• Scaldatazzine and cappuccinatore
• Two groups with expulsion of capsules or automatic pods
• End of tank water with indicator light
• Electronic thermostat
• Programmable coffee doses
• Energy saving
• Designed and assembled in Italy
• Pallet: 8 boxes

Espresso3 & Milk

• Machine produced in Italy
• Ultra-compact (only 44 cm wide)
• Large water tank (6 liters)
• Large tank for exhausted capsules (140 caps)
• Equipped with cappuccinatore
• Temperature and adjustable doses
• 19 bar of pressure
• Scaldatazzine