The Caffè Bonini Brand

Caffè Bonini was born from a small family-run Tuscan roasting company that made coffee an art.
Our products are positioned at the top of consumer preferences in Italy and abroad, both for the excellent quality / price ratio and for our high quality standards.
Over the years this has created a relationship of trust with our customers who from time to time continue to choose Caffè Bonini for their moments of pleasure.

Why choose us?

The Bonini company is receiving acknowledgments day by day both from customers and in the GDO field with over 400 points.
• The reliability and the seriousness of this company, make it one of the best in the sale of compatible in the field of coffee.
• Without neglecting the quality, Tiziano Bonini, aims at the maximum usability of its product, offering very competitive prices both in the product and in shipping.
• Another strong point of this company is the ease, efficiency of transport and delivery both abroad and in Italy.
What is important for us is customer satisfaction ... so make yourself comfortable and let yourself be pampered!

New Compostable Barrier Capsules

We have closed the circle, from the earth to the earth !! The novelty of the year is the compostable barrier capsules compatible for Nespresso® machines .Much requests from final consumers are totally compostable as they are made of a polymer capable of turning into compost to protect the environment .
The dimensions of the packaging remain the same and thanks to the capsule barrier the coffee fragment remains unchanged .We have studied 3 blends: Espresso Bio with 100% Arabica blend with medium roast, Cremoso with a strong and precious aroma with 100% Arabica blend ..

The website

Caffè Bonini manages the portal which is the reference site for selling coffee online in Italy and abroad.
With over 500,000 customers acquired and loyal, our organization delivers around 500 packages per day throughout Europe (over 10 million coffees sold per month). The constant and ever increasing demands of our customers have led us to develop a network of stores to find all our products in store so you can try and buy them with greater comfort.


The excellence of our coffee is given, without doubt, by the precious coffee beans, which come from the two most famous blends: Arabica and Robusta. The first sweet and fragrant, while the second is more full-bodied and decisive. At the end of the various steps of extraction and roasting, our experts perform what for the Bonini company is an art: mixing.
But not just coffee, our catalog also offers 10 blends of flavored coffee, over 10 types of instant drinks, and over 10 aromas of tea and herbal teas.
Whatever the drink you are looking for from green tea (in leaves or capsules) to cortado or chocolate is available in our catalog.


Our products over the years have also found the presence in over 400 GDO but not only in Italy. We are present in Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Argentina, Morocco, Tunisia, Japan and the Czech Republic thanks to the local national distributors who savoring our products have managed to involve more and more public ..