The concept

Caffè Bonini is the place where our passion for coffee meets innovation .From the experience of Caffè Bonini, a leading company in roasting and the sale of single-portioned coffee, today Caffè Bonini represents a format able to satisfy even the most demanding customers with a wide, excellent and certainly unique offer .
We have studied every detail of the room, creating a pleasant environment for the customers but at the same time suitable for the work of the staff .The design is simple and easily replicable anywhere in the world .
The accessories and equipment have been selected both for their aesthetic impact and for their quality and ability to guarantee excellent performance over time .The products are the result of constant research aimed at satisfying even the most demanding palates .Our coffee blends are a precious mix of Arabica and Robusta, which are used for the production of: Caffè and Cappuccini Speciali, Cappuccini Ice, Creme Gelato, Cappuccini Flavored .In addition to this we offer a wide range of sweet pastries, savory sandwiches and other specialties to guarantee a wide choice to our loyal customers .

The specialties

All our products are the result of recipes studied in every detail .We work only with the most important Italian companies to guarantee a high final quality .This applies to raw materials as far as machinery is concerned .Our whipped cream is made with the help of manual siphons and are made both white and flavored in various flavors .Our machines are able to dispense creams, soft yoghurts and ice creams to different consistencies depending on the product to be made ..

Coffee Specials

They are coffee flavored with cream, grains and toppings of our production. Each coffee has its own personality transmitted by the use of natural raw materials without the use of chemical flavors. To describe them is difficult, you just have to try them! They are available both in the Hot and Ice versions. Hot specialty coffees are produced with selected arabesques, milk creams and flavored creams. The special Ice coffees have a base of cold cream ice cream of our production.

Capuccino Flavored

Our idea to make an unforgettable cappuccino. The union of our coffee blend with artfully flavored milk cream by our coffee sommelier creates a new way to drink cappuccino. The sweet tooth can add flavored whipped cream, grains and toppings to remove any temptation.

Cappuccini Ice

Recommended for the hot seasons but not only, the cappuccino Ice is the modern review of the milkshake.
Delicious, tasty and tasty, they are suitable for all ages!

Ice cream

Cold cream made with selected ingredients and blended with wisdom and art by our experts. It can be enjoyed alone or as an addition to coffee or cappuccino. Available in the flavors: vanilla, hazelnut, pistachio, yogurt, coffee, chocolate and peanut.


Caffè Bonini launched this year the range of single-dose cup chocolates. Intense, greedy and persistent so must be the cocoa that we select for our products.
The result is a line of chocolates with a dense and creamy cup yield to be enjoyed in the spoon. Discover our flavors ranging from hot pepper to delicate white chocolate until you get to the notes of hazelnut orange and cinnamon.


In the era of organic, natural and healthy at all costs the trend that has been imposed for a few years now, and that in summer finds its ideal season, is that of healthy drinks .Accompanying the models and influencers who in more than one occasion photograph their breakfasts and snacks, and complicit the fact of being colorful drinks and why love the millennials because they lend themselves to Instagram, Pinterest and all the socials of the case; these drinks full of fruit vitamins are very photographed and not even to say, super shared ..


Cold extraction in general is less acidic than traditional hot coffee because the beans are macerated for hours (or even days), while hot extraction is ground and served very quickly. This translates into a richer and less sour taste, creating better digestibility by doing much better to the intestine.
• cold coffee extraction
• more taste
• thanks to the spillatora with nitro it does not need ice
• it is creamy, tastier and less acidic


Caffè Bonini is a dynamic format adaptable to the different needs of the premises .With a minimum area of ​​60 square meters, it is possible to open a local Caffè Bonini .Within our "concept cafe" are the products exposed to communicate their qualitative excellence .The cafeteria is a world in constant evolution, changing the needs of people according to the life they lead, so we try to guarantee a wide offer that focuses both on innovation with our special coffees and on maintaining Italian tradition and culture. ..


Caffè Bonini needs 60/80 meters to make all the coffee products . In this place you can serve cold creams, ice cappuccinos, special coffees and flavored cappuccinos.
Also present are all the traditional desserts of Italian pastry and a careful selection of international products. Delicious sandwiches prepared at the moment with 100% Italian products and other baked goods, will cover the needs of customers during lunch breaks and more.
Inside the Caffè Bonini premises you will have the opportunity to sell Tiziano Bonini products . Our compatible products are synonymous with quality made in Italy and have an eye to customer needs. Our range includes coffee in capsule and grains, tea and infusions in capsule, instant drinks, ground coffee and chocolate in the envelope.